I'm a cis female fangirl who's been in fandom for over 20 years. I'm liberal, pro-LGBTQ, a feminist, Christian, a Virgo, and an ENFP. I most probably have fictiophilia, but I'm figuring the other options out as I go.

In The Flesh has changed my life forever. I ship Simon/Kieren, Dean/Sam, Gambit/Rogue, Batman/Joker, Harley/Ivy, Steve/Tony, Wade/Peter, Hannibal/Will, Derek/Stiles, and tons more!

I go back and forth from reblogging loads to being AWOL for ages, so consider yourself warned! XD

And JSYK, @kowaiyoukai is my twin sis and also the best ever! <3


Striker Eureka Shatterdome Concept Art

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today is bi visibility day. as such, bisexual people will be completely visible for the next 24 hours. this is a bad day to engage in bank heists, ghost impersonations, covert operations for vague yet menacing government agencies, and other common bisexual hobbies that rely upon our powers of invisibility. 

reblog to save a life. 

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(~Sex Isn’t Always Good by queenieofaces)

This is a critical part of sex positivity that tends to be overlooked. Let’s celebrate empowering amazing sex and the choice to not have sex, or only have certain kinds of sex. 

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but morning person + not morning person could make the worst (or maybe the best?) otp

"Gooooood morning dear :)" "fuck you and everything you stand for"

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"what are the chances of EVERYONE in a group of friends being queer" you do realize that we all tend to flock together like penguins huddling for warmth in a cold, heteronormative world, right

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You can’t have organized crime without l a w and o r d e r.

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  • TW: we're trying to let sterek die
  • Sterek fandom: lol fine *continues shipping sterek but stops watching tw*
  • TW: no wait