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In the Flesh (BBC TV Show)


You really should be watching it. I’m tagging this a bunch because I feel like this show is exactly what a lot of tumblr users are looking for. If you like drama, sci-fi/horror, zombies, LGBTQ main characters, and intelligent plotlines that really address current political issues—THIS IS THE SHOW…

I agree completely! Instead of wishing for slash that will (unfortunately) likely not ever happen, slash fans should watch awesome shows that have great slash already! :D <3


Why In the Flesh should be saved:

  • Its portrayal of discrimination is one of the most realistic I’ve ever seen in a piece of media (specifically when it comes to homophobia & mental illness)
  • Even when dealing with such serious subject matter it manages to strike a balance between tragedy and comedy so it’s not a continuous bombardment of depression & darkness
  • Several well written female characters. This seems like a baseline requirement for any show but it’s ridiculous how many shows and movies never achieve this. But on itf we have Amy; who is given her own narrative that doesn’t revolve around the main character, Jem; who we clearly see struggle with PTSD but is never seen as weak because of this, Maxine Martin; who could have been portrayed as 100% evil with no redeeming characteristics, but instead is a charismatic, complex woman who won’t let anything get in the way of her achieving her goals, and several other characters with memorable personalities.
  • A main character who is queer. LGBTQ+ representation is increasing in the media but all too often these characters are merely token secondary/minor characters or their entire character revolves around their sexual orientation. This is not the case with this show!
  • There is too much that can be covered in this show and so many questions that need answered for it to be cancelled now. It’s done so much good with just a mere nine episodes, think how far it could go with double that amount (or even more). We could discover more about the lives of other undead people, the changing opinions of the public, watch Simon & Kieren’s relationship evolve, FIND OUT WHAT IS GOING ON WITH AMY DYER. 

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i hate the neologism “partner” for “person i’m dating”. i have no intention of being a cowboy and nobody will ever be a cowboy to me.

speak for yourself, slim. some of us cowpoke are lookin’ for the right partner to call our own… [twangs acoustic guitar softly as i stare towards the twinkling night sky] don’t see many of them stars where you’re from, eh, city boy? nah. didn’t think so.

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I was hoping for someone to make this post but then I was like ‘That’s a hard post to make’ but you did and I love you for it.

Every comment J2 made at JIBcon about Destiel, Misha thinks the opposite of it. When Jensen’s words were reported to him, he looked embarrassed for what Jensen had said and, or I read it that way, surprised too and he told us he was going to have a word with him for that. You could see that he cared because he knew some people in the audience were hurt.

Misha is an amazing human being, he is inspiring in so many ways and he has nothing to do with the hypocrisy and pseudo homophobia that J2 and the show like so much, as long as we pay their bills and don’t ask because if we do, we have to be ready to let them shame us in response and have a room full of people clap. Ignorance is way louder and sure of itself, brightness is a outcast full of doubts and always has been, and that’s the paradox of the entire society.

I talked openly with Misha, I looked into his eyes, he took my hand, he’s the best person I think I’ve met and when everyone seems to not understand - or pretend not to - this “weird person”, as J2 like to describe him, remains honest despite his co-stars’ bigotry and he is outspoken, in the limit of professionalism (meaning he had to master the subtle ability to speak his mind without making his friends and their bosses look like complete assholes).

Destiel is never going to be canon because the world is made of many Jensen and Jared. People like Misha are very few and very precious and they are the people that change it. One act of kindness at a time, one act of rebellion at a time, one act of craziness at a time.
We are people that change the world, because we’re free enough to see love and see it as one, we don’t fill our mouth with stuff like ‘This love you’re seeing is of series B, it has to have a specific show that is about that’ like Jared and we don’t live in shades of gray and inconsistency of character, the kind that makes Jensen use absolutely meaningless words like ‘kindred spirits’. We see ‘love’ and we embrace it all and if that’s the only consolation, it’s not a small one.

Misha is an amazing human being, he is inspiring in so many ways and he has nothing to do with the hypocrisy and pseudo homophobia that J2 and the show like so much.

Damn, did you take a bath in the koolaid?

Newsflash cupcake: mishmash has been leading you assholes along and you are just too ‘inspired’ to realize it. 

Wow, I just saw some comments from the other side of the fandom.

Good lord, a lot of people took a kool aid bath.

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Misha is a queerbaiting asshole and this is solid proof. He doesn’t care about you or your feelings. He’s purposefully stringing people along to keep his job. It’s pathetic and disgusting. Yet Jared and Jensen get hate for being honest about it. If you truly cared about queerbaiting you wouldn’t be criticizing them for being honest about the show’s intentions.


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